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Sorry I didn't update much this weekend. I actualy did stuff.

Friday was actualy kind of boring until I went up to Walmart and discovered one of my tires was almost flat. I took my car to the Speedway right around the corner and asked the guy inside to help me. He couldn't get a read off my tires *any of them* so he told me to call the place that put on my new tires and ask why the stems weren't working. He then put some air in the tire for me. He was so nice.

So at about 9:30 Joe asks if we have a vaccum. I'm like Yeah it's in the closet. Well our vaccum dosn't work that well so he gave me the money to get the vaccum and handheld carpet cleaner I had in layaway. So I go BACK to Walmart and buy the vaccum and the Little Green cleaner thing. So I'm getting out of my car and walking towards the front door of my apartment and all of a sudden Jacob and Beth come out of nowhere scaring the crap out of me.

So later I was talking to Cate and she asked if Jacob and Beth wanted to go to the mall with us on Saturday and they did so I told Joe they were going to sleep over. He got kind of pissy but said he can't say no because it's my brother. It really made me realize I do NOT want to live with him anymore. So needless to say, we went to Giant Eagle at almost 4a.m and Beth and I didn't sleep at all that night. I re-dyed my hair and it's now a much darker brown, which I like very very much.

So at noon on Saturday we go to get my cousin Cate and we headed off to the mall. I returned my stuff at Hot Topic and since I ripped the tag off a pair of shoelaces, they couldn't return it so I made it into a new lanyard for my keys. Wooo! So after that I exchanged my pink chucks that were too small for the right size. Then I bought a pair of pink and grey chucks. Then at Kauffman's I got the last pair of black and pink chucks.

So after that we went to Wendy's for lunch and while in my car on a spur of the moment, we decide to go to Squire's Castle. Jacob said he knew where it was but we still got lost and my brother drives like a fucking maniac and I nearly killed him.

When we got there *finally* we passed the parking lot so we parked a little ways down in a different parking lot. We get out of the car and Jacob's like, "I've got to pee," so he pisses on the garbage can he has my car nearly running over.
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I talked to Carol, the leasing manager of the apartment building I live in yesterday and if Joe moves ou t, I can stay! YAY!

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that jerk xaquariusbluex gone and said that they saw me backstabbing lionheart22. And yeah. You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore. I'm over that.

Hey and know what? Tuesday at school I got in a huge fight with azghul.

What sucks is that it's so not fair that I have Sunday off but nobody wants to do anything :-(. I'll just sit home alone and wish I was dead.

And also I was supposed to get together with shadowkitten87 and minttea Monday but I don't want to anymore. I'm so tired of seeing the same people.

Oh and reikaisues added another meme to their journal. GOD I HATE THAT!!!1!one!

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I hate my Roommate!
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Guiness is home! She's got another incision scar on her neck. She now has one over her neck and one under her neck. Once my roommate leaves i'll take pictures. But she's walking MUCH better now and I just realized how much I really did miss her.

Now onto what's pissing me off at the moment.

My Roommate.

For three days he's been bitching at me how Bethany stayed here Friday and Saturday. Big Fucking deal. I'm lonely when he's not there so I wanted some company. She wanted out of her Grandmother's house for a while. Big Fucking Deal.

But what's really pissing me off? He wants to buy this crappy ass small house we looked at last year. It's twenty minutes away from here and it's small. Really really small.

My bedroom *or what would be my bedroom* is smaller than the room I currently have and there's NO closet, the roof forms an angle on half the room, and it's just way to fucking tiny.

Not to mention I cannot afford to live in a house.

Nor can I afford to continue living here on my own.

I am so fucking screwed. Unless I can cough up another roommate, and somehow magage to save two grand by the end of July, I'm going to be homeless.


This makes me wish I'd suceeded in at least one of my suicide attempts......

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Grrr I wish I could figure out how to place my text box on her right so I don't have to scroll all the way over the side to see what I've written.

Like I write a lot in here anyway.....

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I guess I should use this journal more. But... I have a paid one on Deadjournal that's much more fun.


Ok, I'll figure out a use for this... somehow.


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