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Sorry I didn't update much this weekend. I actualy did stuff.

Friday was actualy kind of boring until I went up to Walmart and discovered one of my tires was almost flat. I took my car to the Speedway right around the corner and asked the guy inside to help me. He couldn't get a read off my tires *any of them* so he told me to call the place that put on my new tires and ask why the stems weren't working. He then put some air in the tire for me. He was so nice.

So at about 9:30 Joe asks if we have a vaccum. I'm like Yeah it's in the closet. Well our vaccum dosn't work that well so he gave me the money to get the vaccum and handheld carpet cleaner I had in layaway. So I go BACK to Walmart and buy the vaccum and the Little Green cleaner thing. So I'm getting out of my car and walking towards the front door of my apartment and all of a sudden Jacob and Beth come out of nowhere scaring the crap out of me.

So later I was talking to Cate and she asked if Jacob and Beth wanted to go to the mall with us on Saturday and they did so I told Joe they were going to sleep over. He got kind of pissy but said he can't say no because it's my brother. It really made me realize I do NOT want to live with him anymore. So needless to say, we went to Giant Eagle at almost 4a.m and Beth and I didn't sleep at all that night. I re-dyed my hair and it's now a much darker brown, which I like very very much.

So at noon on Saturday we go to get my cousin Cate and we headed off to the mall. I returned my stuff at Hot Topic and since I ripped the tag off a pair of shoelaces, they couldn't return it so I made it into a new lanyard for my keys. Wooo! So after that I exchanged my pink chucks that were too small for the right size. Then I bought a pair of pink and grey chucks. Then at Kauffman's I got the last pair of black and pink chucks.

So after that we went to Wendy's for lunch and while in my car on a spur of the moment, we decide to go to Squire's Castle. Jacob said he knew where it was but we still got lost and my brother drives like a fucking maniac and I nearly killed him.

When we got there *finally* we passed the parking lot so we parked a little ways down in a different parking lot. We get out of the car and Jacob's like, "I've got to pee," so he pisses on the garbage can he has my car nearly running over.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So while we're walking to the castle Beth goes "I'm cold, I'm wearing your coat." Cate was only wearing some really thin sweater thing so I gave her my extra sweater. While we're walking on the side of the road I whine, "Jacob I'm cold. Let me wear your hoodie." He gives it to me than tries to take my coat from Beth. "I'm cold Beth, give me your coat!"

So we're walking through the castle itself and I tell Beth to take some pictures of me by the windows and such.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In that last picture Jacob was getting ready to jump through the window with me still sitting there. So I moved and he still jumped through the window.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It's Air Jacob!

So then Jacob and I decide to start trying to climb up the castle.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After a while we decide to go on a hiking trail and of course I'm lagging behind. So, bored, I take some pictures.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

At one point during our hike we kept running over tree roots and I was walking wierd so I wouldn't trip over them more than I already had. So Jacob yells, "She walks like she has a stick up her butt." Then it got quiet. To quiet. So I stop walking and turn around slightly and I got hit in the face with this huge stick. I covered my face and began to cry because t hat motherfucker hurt.

Jacob came running up and laughed, "She's not crying. She's laughing."

Beth kept insisting, "She's crying Jacob. You hit her right in the face."

Cate herself couldn't figure out if I was crying or laughing because I do this fake crying thing that sounds like laughter. So finally Jacob pries my hands away from my face and sees I really am crying.

He makes me laugh and we're back off hiking.

And I took this picture!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So we get back to the castle and Jacob took this shortcut and when I tried to take it he yelled at Cate and Beth, "She's going to kill herself if she tries this, pull her back up!"

So Beth and Colleen pulled me back up and we finished walking down to the castle. Well when we got there, there was this teenage boy wearing a dress over his clothes. So I walk right up to him and ask, "Pardon me, may I inquire as to why you are wearing a dress?"

He didn't answer me but began to yell at his friends for making him wear the dress. Then Jacob decided to put his ass in the fireplace to warm it up.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then Jacob began to bother Cate.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then I took a picture of Beth and Jacob. So cute.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So we dropped Cate off at her house and went back to my apartment. They stayed until about 8 and left. Then I went to bed and slept until 9 the next morning.

Easter Sunday. Oh God.

It wasn't until I wanted to leave to go to my Grandma and Grandpa Fortuna's house that I realized I couldn't find my keys. I called Beth. I called Jacob. I walked down the street to Colleen's mom's church and found Beth and Colleen so they came back to help me look. We found them under a coat.


So I get to Grandma's house and the first thing everyone says is "What did you do to your hair?" Only my Aunt Chris *Cate's mom* said she liked it.
Ashley said I was going insane because my hair was black and my eyebrow ring was in. Then Ashley grabbed me and gave me a Disney Princess gift bag. THAT HAD CANDY IN IT!!!


So Amy wasn't feeling well so I didn't get a hug until it was almost time for them to leave. Uncle Kenny, Aunt Colleen, Kenny and Andrew were the next to arrive, then Uncle Mark and my cousins Leann, Amanda, and Christopher. We all went and hid in the back room and then I went outside to pester Andrew w hile he was cleaning out his car. Aunt Colleen came out three times to yell at us about the stereo being to loud. Leann came outside and we went to her car to listen to German Techno. Then Amanda came outside and told me that Aunt Colleen and Grandma were talking about how much they hated how my hair was so dark.

Big fucking deal. My hair.

Leann laughs and says she loves how Amanda tattles on all the adults and I tell them that Grandma and Aunt Colleen just raised the bar and next time I dye my hair it's going to be black.

I really wanted to walk back in and tell them to tell me to my face what they think of my hair instead of talking about it behind my back. I mean HELLOOOO it's MY HAIR!

Work was boring.

Work last night sucked because we have this huge group of mexicans and they are so rude and unorganized it's not even funny. The company they are working for made all the reservations under the company name, not the individual people's names so I have no idea who's going in what room and they speak little to no english and I'm getting confused at night. At 3:00 am this mornign this guy calls the front desk saying he has a reservation and I inform him all my reservations have checked in. He could not grasp the concept and I tell him FIVE times that all my reservations have checked in and he says, "Thank you for the bad service"

Bad service my ASS. He's the fuckhead who dosn't know what he's talking about. I didn't do anything wrong, but I know Charmaine's going to bitch at me like I'm a two year old when I get there today. I so want to call off, but I can't.


I talked to Carol, the leasing manager of the apartment building I live in yesterday and if Joe moves ou t, I can stay! YAY!

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when we got there, there was this teenage boy wearing a dress over his clothes. So I walk right up to him and ask, "Pardon me, may I inquire as to why you are wearing a dress?"

He didn't answer me but began to yell at his friends for making him wear the dress

You didn't take a picture for me because....

Because the poor kid was humiliated enough?

just wanted to say that I love love love your layout!! HP rocks! ♥

I found it on one of those free layout communities. I think either whoafreelayouts or freelayouts. They always have awesome stuff.

LJ community icons100: Law and Order Criminal Intent: General TV

Hi, I'm one of the mods at the LJ community, icons100.

I wanted to make sure that you were aware that the subject that you hold, " Law and Order Criminal Intent: General TV " has gone past its 10-week deadline (from 11/10 until 1/25). I noticed that you last posted new icons on 11/20, and that you have 91 icons left to go.

Do you still want to make icons for this topic (in which case, you'll need to request an extension at the subject claims list (link listed below))? Please let me know, regardless of the answer, so I'll know whether or not to remove your claim from the subject claims list ( http://www.livejournal.com/community/icons100/233367.html ). If I don't hear back from you by 2/01, I'll assume you're no longer interested and remove you from that claim.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.


What's happening with hogwarts_hat? Come on, man!

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