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I hate my Roommate!
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Guiness is home! She's got another incision scar on her neck. She now has one over her neck and one under her neck. Once my roommate leaves i'll take pictures. But she's walking MUCH better now and I just realized how much I really did miss her.

Now onto what's pissing me off at the moment.

My Roommate.

For three days he's been bitching at me how Bethany stayed here Friday and Saturday. Big Fucking deal. I'm lonely when he's not there so I wanted some company. She wanted out of her Grandmother's house for a while. Big Fucking Deal.

But what's really pissing me off? He wants to buy this crappy ass small house we looked at last year. It's twenty minutes away from here and it's small. Really really small.

My bedroom *or what would be my bedroom* is smaller than the room I currently have and there's NO closet, the roof forms an angle on half the room, and it's just way to fucking tiny.

Not to mention I cannot afford to live in a house.

Nor can I afford to continue living here on my own.

I am so fucking screwed. Unless I can cough up another roommate, and somehow magage to save two grand by the end of July, I'm going to be homeless.


This makes me wish I'd suceeded in at least one of my suicide attempts......

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Yep. I tried to slit my wrists when I was 14 because I didn't want to move down to Geauga County, but being as dumb as I am, I only cut deep enough to create scars.

Not to mention I went across instead of up and down.

Then there was the time I downed a whole bottle of some pain reliever. But my best friend caught me and made me vomit them up.

And just last summer I found myself wanting to drive off the Rt 306/Rt 2 bridge on my way home from work.

I'm not a happy or well adjusted person. And I'm getting sick of pretending that I am.

i can relate i used to cut and i choked myself too. a lot of the times i think about just throwing myself out of the car when we are going down the street. i'm not really suppost to close my bedroom door now but i do anyways. soon i have to get my blood tested to see if i need some happy pills. ugh i hate being me.

yes i'm not the only one thats weird in this family!!! lol jk

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